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What is Chameleon Miner?

A free invisible (hidden) cryptocurrency miner capable of mining XMR with many features suited for stealth mining.

Chameleon Miner makes the process easy by allowing you to mine cryptocurrency on all of your computers. The cryptocurrency that you mine will be deposited directly into a wallet that you own.

  • Does Chameleon Miner Use CPU or GPU?
  • Yes, can mine on Both CPU and GPU. Chameleon Miner has intelligent smart switching algorithms which are intended to keep your device performing the most profitable calculations automatically. While infrequent, Chameleon Miner may use your GPU for additional mining potential.
  • What mining pool is used?
  • The current pool used is https://moneroocean.stream/ - your pool activity, payouts and more are managed through the mining pool. After starting mining, you need to wait 5-7 minutes for the pool statistics to update.
  • Does Chameleon Miner Hold My Cryptocurrency?
  • No. All cryptocurrency is stored at a third party mining pool before being sent directly to your wallet. Chameleon Miner is not involved with the cryptocurrency and only handles algorithm and calculation functionalities.
  • Can I Use Chameleon Miner on multiple Computers?
  • Yes. You can transfer 3 files from the archive hameleonminer.zip using a USB flash drive. Copy these files to any directory, in the info.ini file you must put your Monero wallet address and start the file syscm.exe